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High-quality editing assets, trusted by working editors around the world.

From Film & Television professionals to Content Creators, our assets are easy-to-use while maintaining a theatrical-quality grade.

A cinematic image of a woman in the tundra with a 35mm film grain overlay
A profile of a young woman in a yellow shirt with a VHS Glitch Overlay and Hi8 record and battery overlay

About Video Milkshake

Video Milkshake is a creative platform featuring high-quality video editing assets, presets, textures, animated fonts and more. This marketplace for video editors is the creation of Filmmaker / Editor - Austin Newman. It’s been my honor to work in the film industry for 15+ years.

I’ve seen trends come and go, but I wanted to build a resource for filmmakers that provided long-lasting premium editing assets at an affordable rate.

This store is a hand-picked collection of assets I use in my films and videos every day - a place where you can cut and mix our video ingredients into something special that you can share with the world.

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