Acid Film Textures (Distorted Transitions + Overlays)
Acid Film Textures (Distorted Transitions + Overlays)
Acid Film Textures (Distorted Transitions + Overlays)

Acid Film Textures (Distorted Transitions + Overlays)

Authentic Super 8 Film Textures with a Distorted Twist. From Illuminated Film Grain to Chemical Film Burn Transitions - the Perfect Film Overlays Pack for any Experimental Video Editor.

Digital Download | Available Immediately after purchase

Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Resolve, Avid most other editing programs.

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Hand-crafted with special processing following calculated recipes, this film grain overlay pack is a unique take on the traditional overlay market. Incredibly detailed chemical artifacting and stunning illuminated-emulsion, all scanned on film industry standard 6K scanners, perfect for music video overlays or Hollywood title sequences.

Acid Film Textures

Choose from over 50 distorted film selects - including overscan sprocket textures, striking transitions and more - available in virtually lossless 4K ProRes 422 files for pro editors.


Highly-unique distorted film textures for creating intense euphoria through stimulating visuals. Handmade in our lab through acidic processing and professionally scanned for stunning quality and vintage looks.


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What's Included?

4:3 Textures (ProRes 422 - 23.976 fps)

  • Acid Brush (:30)
  • Blue Bath (:29)
  • Colorama (:10)
  • Flashed Chemical (:29)
  • Hippie Nightmare (:09)

16:9 Stills (Hi-Res PNG)

  • 30 Individual Still Textures


  • Read Me instructional PDF

16:9 Sprocket Textures (ProRes 422 - 23.976fps)

  • Melted Edge (:15)
  • Severe Melt (:09)
  • Scorched (:10)

Flash Transitions (ProRes 422 - 23.976fps)

  • Faint (:01)
  • Chemical Flare (Large) (:01)
  • Icarus (:01)
  • Doctor Disco (:01)
  • Seclusion (:01)
  • Kryptonite (:01)
  • Firestorm (:01)
  • Brightside (:01)
  • Partial (:01)
  • Drip (:02)
  • Orange Dream (:02)
  • Escape (:01)

Once you place your order, you will be sent a PDF with a download link. Total size for download is 12.18GB+ (for 4K version).

*Product does not come in a physical box. Available as digital download only.