Super 8 Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)
Super 8 Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)
Super 8 Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)
Super 8 Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)

Super 8 Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)

Gritty Super 8 Film Grain from authentic film scans in 6K resolution, one of the highest-quality film grain packs available today. Complete with artifacts and mattes for a true filmic-inspired look across your work.

Digital Download | Available Immediately after purchase

Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Resolve, Avid most other editing programs.

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Super 8 film cartridges carved out a path in the film industry for top filmmakers to make a bold mark in motion pictures. Super 8 Film Grain became the brushstrokes to artists around the world wielding this new format - the pillars of our filmmaking craft. We at Video Milkshake cherish the gritty, raw vision of Super 8 and recognize a modern-day place for the film look. We set out to craft one of the highest-quality Super 8 packs available today - giving filmmakers an instant film look for those who boldly experiment in the editing room with high-quality assets.

Select a Film Stock

Choose from 4 authentic film scans including 1 overscan complete with the visible Super 8 sprocket hole - available up to stunning 6K ProRes 422 fit to a 6144 x 3456 frame.


The raw look of Super 8, a format un-tamed. Where chaotic emulsion blends to a perfectly balanced image - the signature of your next masterpiece.

Super 8 Coarse Film Grain Woman
Super 8 Film Grain Overlay woman dancing
Super 8 Film Grain Coarse low light pool
Super 8 Film Burn Vintage
Super 8 Film skate
Expired Super 8 Film Overlay


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*some functionality limited in mobile versions, i.e. pre-keyed assets will have a green background that can be removed via chroma key for same effect

What's Included?

Super 8 Film Grain (ProRes 422 - 23.976 fps)

  • Artifacts (:10)
  • Overscan Black (:10)
  • Coarse (:10)
  • Medium (:10)
  • Fine (:10)
  • Expired Ektachrome Overscan (:10)


  • Super 8 Overscan Pre-Keyed Film Matte in ProRes 4444 (:30)
  • Read Me instructional PDF
  • Mobile-ready HD mp4 versions of each asset

Super 8 Film Elements (ProRes 422 - 23.976 fps)

  • Reel Start (:01)
  • Reel End (:01)
  • Flash 1 (:01)
  • Flash 2 (:01)
  • Flash 3 (:01)
  • Flash 4 (:01)
  • Flash 5 (:01)
  • Mag Leak (:03)
  • Mag Leak 2 (:02)
  • Bad Scan (:11)
  • Expired Reel End (:03)

Once you place your order, you will be sent a PDF with a download link. Total size for Pro download is 13.7GB+.

*Product does not come in a physical box. Available as digital download only.