35mm Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)
35mm Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)
35mm Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)
35mm Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)

35mm Film Grain Pack (Grain, Overlays, Textures)

Stunning 35mm Film Grain from authentic film scans in 6K resolution. Complete with artifacts and mattes for a polished look across your work.

Digital Download | Available Immediately after purchase

Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Resolve, Avid most other editing programs.

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The much sought-after aesthetic by filmmakers today, the “film look” is crucial in any editor’s toolkit. 35mm Film Grain is often the finishing piece of a color grade to give a natural feel to footage from digital cameras. Film emulsion, like a gift to the audience, allows the viewer a connection to cinema like no other.

Carefully crafted - this 35mm Film Grain Pack was captured and scanned in accordance with industry standards allowing for one of the most authentic grain packs on the market today. Offered up to 6K resolution, this pack is perfect for any editor - from beginner to Hollywood post professionals.

Multiple Looks

Choose a grain that suits your project, including an overscan complete with 35mm sprocket holes - available in stunning 6K ProRes 422 fit up to a 6144 x 3456 frame.


Our high-quality film emulsion will enhance every pixel of your film from your brightest highlights to your darkest shadows.


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Mobile-Ready Editing Pack

*some functionality limited in mobile versions, i.e. pre-keyed assets will have a green background that can be removed via chroma key for same effect

What's Included?

35mm Film Grain (ProRes 422)

  • Medium Grain (:30)
  • Overscan Black (:10)
  • Minor Artifacts Dark (:15)


  • 35mm Pre-Keyed Film Matte in ProRes 4444 (:15)
  • Read Me instructional PDF
  • Mobile-ready HD mp4 versions of each asset

Film Elements (ProRes 422)

  • Leader with Sprockets (:13)
  • Leader (:13)
  • Flash 1 (:02)
  • Flash 2 (:03)
  • Flash 3 (:02)
  • Tail with Sprockets (:07)
  • Reel Start (:02)
  • Dusty Flash (:01)
  • Light Zoom (:02)
  • Quick Two (:01)
  • Burn Glimmer (:02)
  • Changing Bag (:03)
  • Flashback (:01)
  • Frame Torch (:03)
  • Full Frame (:03)
  • Knockout (:01)
  • Light Bleed (:03)
  • Rays (:02)
  • Side Burn (:02)

Once you place your order, you will be sent a PDF with a download link. Total size for Pro download is 15GB+.

*Product does not come in a physical box. Available as digital download only.